The 2000-2001 ABA season was the first full season of the new American Basketball Association that had been founded a year earlier in 1999 by Joe Newman and Richard Tinkham.

The 2000-2001 season began play in November 2001 and ended in March 2001 with the Detroit Dogs winning the league's inaugural championship after beating the Chicago Skyliners


  • In it's first full season, the league went by the name ABA 2000.
  • Initially, the new league expected 60 games to be played by each of it's eight teams by the end of the season. However, only a maximum of 44 games were played by one team (the Detroit Dogs), with the minimum played being 41 by five teams (the Memphis Houn'Dawgs, the San Diego Wildfire, the Tampa Bay ThunderDawgs, the Los Angeles Stars, and the Kansas City Knights).
  • During the first season of the ABA, co-founder Joe Newman became the league's CEO.
  • The 2000-2001 season saw the league implement it's own "draft", with the most notable pick being the drafting of NBA star Dennis Rodman by the Chicago Skyliners. The season would also be the only time a "draft" would ever be held by the league.

Regular SeasonEdit

Out of all the teams regular season, the Chicago Skyliners had the best record by far, going 31-12 while the San Diego Wildfire had the worst record, going 8-33.

The teams that competed this season were the Detroit Dogs, the Memphis Houn'Dawgs, the Indiana Legends, the Tampa Bay ThunderDawgs, the Chicago Skyliners (whose team colors would later be used for Chicago's Woman's National Basketball Association team), the Los Angeles Stars, the San Diego Wildfire, and the Kansas City Knights.

Regular Season StandingsEdit

Team Wins Losses Winning Percentage
Chicago Skyliners 31 12 .721
Los Angeles Stars 28 13 .683
Kansas City Knights 24 17 .585
Detroit Dogs 24 20 .545
Memphis Houn'Dawgs 19 22 .463
Indiana Legends 18 24 .429
Tampa Bay ThunderDawgs 15 26 .366
San Diego Wildfire 8 33


Playoff StandingsEdit

Round OneEdit

Teams Score
Detroit Dogs 117
Tampa Bay ThunderDawgs 112
Teams Score
Memphis Houn'Dawgs 90
Indiana Legends 95
Teams Score
Chicago Skyliners 112
San Diego Wildfire 97
Teams Score
Los Angeles Stars 112
Kansas City Knights 132

Round TwoEdit

Teams Score
Detroit Dogs 119
Indiana Legends 105
Teams Score
Chicago Skyliners 106
Kansas City Knights 105

ABA FinalsEdit

Teams Score
Detroit Dogs 107
Chicago Skyliners 91




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