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This website is not about the original ABA that operated from 1967 - 1976, but rather the league that began operations in 1999 under the name of the ABA.

This wiki was founded on July 3, 2013 to provide in-depth information on the American Basketball Association semi-professional basketball league. The wiki is currently the largest free, easy-to-use database of the ABA.

What is the ABA?

The original ABA was a professional men's basketball league that was founded in 1967. It was fondly remembered for making the three-point shot famous, for the wonderful red, white, and blue ball, and for discovering the hidden talents of many now-famous Hall-of-Famers, most notably Julius "Dr. J" Erving. It also introduced professional basketball - or brought it back - to many major cities that had either lost it's NBA team or played ball frequently. Such cities included Indianapolis, Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, and Minneapolis. After nine long years of battling the NBA for players and money, the ABA was finally absorbed into the older league in 1976 - but not before creating the "best half-time invention since the restroom", the Slam-Dunk Contest. Four of the ABA's remaining seven teams were absorbed into the NBA - the Indiana Pacers, the San Antonio Spurs, the Denver Nuggets, and the New York (now Brooklyn) Nets.

The current ABA is a semi-professional league that began operations in 1999. The league was founded by Joe Newman and Richard Tinkham. The league's primary goal is to provide the opportunity to showcase the abilities of thousands of players, coaches and referees on the court and to provide a fast-paced, inexpensive, and family-friendly alternative to the National Basketball Association (NBA). Like the original ABA, the current revival encountered many problems: teams constantly folding, the league not having a television contract, and general lack of intrest by the public. However, like the original ABA, it attracts talent from all over the United States and Canada, including some notable names like George Hill, a point guard for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA, who played one exhibition game for the ABA's Texas Fuel (while he was playing for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA).

For more information on the ABA, see American Basketball Association.

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About the WABA

The Woman's American Basketball Association (WABA) is the ABA's professional basketball league for women, and the league's first season is set for March, 2014.

For more information on the WABA, see Women's American Basketball Association.

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After returning to the ABA following a lackluster venture into the NBA D-League, the Shreveport/Bossier Mavericks will be hosting the ABA championships, most likely against the aforementioned Giants.

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"" From eight teams in 2000 to over 50 in 2006, the ABA is treating fans to a livelier, more accessible brand of basketball from the East Coast to the West Coast—and beyond. "" -

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