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The Chicago Steam are a professional basketball team that plays in the American Basketball Association. The Steam were created in the 2008-2009 season as Chicago's premier ABA franchise. The Steam are based in Chicago, Illinois.

The franchise plays in the Mid-Central Division of the ABA, and have won a record four-straight division titles in total - including a season where they went undefeated.

The Steam play their home games at the Fosco Park Community Center.


  • Owner(s) - Ron Hicks
  • Head Coach(es) - Willie Scott
  • Assistant Coach(es) - Robert Carroll



The Chicago Steam were created in the 2008-2009 season as Chicago's premier ABA franchise after the Chicago Skyliners left for Las Vegas. The Steam have since faced success in the league, making perennial playoff appearances and never once having a losing season.

The Chicago Steam have faced a large amount of complaints and criticism due to players complaining about money taken from them for trips that never happen and keeping it. In 2013, a female player filed a lawsuit against the team and is currently waiting for a court hearing.

Season-by-Season RecordEdit


In their first season in the ABA, the Chicago Steam were placed in the Northeast Division.

After stocking their roster with talented NCAA Division III players, the Steam went 14-4, second place in their division, and a trip to the ABA playoffs.

In their first playoff round, however, the Steam lost to the Maywood Buzz, 91-82.


In their second season, the Steam were moved to the North Central Division of the ABA.

They improved much more from before, as they went 16-4, won the first of two division titles, and another playoff appearance.

In the first round of the playoffs, the Steam defeated the Lake Michigan Admirals to advance to the second round. Their playoff run, and the series, ended after a 106-114 loss to the Kentucky Bisons.


In their third season, the Steam started-off losing the first two games of the ABA to the St. Louis Pioneers. Despite the sour beginning, the Steam finoshed 13-3, winning their second division title while losing in the playoffs.


In their fourth season, the Steam were again moved to the Great Lakes Division of the ABA.

In a suprising run, the Steam became the second ABA team (behind the Jacksonville Giants) to go undefeated during the regular season, going 10-0 and winning a third division title.

Despite their amazing regular season run, the Steam lost in the playoffs yet again.


In their fifth season the Steam were yet again moved to the Mid-Central Division.

They continued their regular season success, as they finished the regular season 14-1 and won their fourth straight division title.

In the first round of the post-season, the Steam defeated the Detroit Hoops 133-88 but lost in the second round of the playoffs.


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