The Georgia Gwizzlies are a professional basketball team that plays in the American Basketball Association. The franchise is based in Marietta, Georgia, and were created in 2004 and since then have moved around leagues, like the American National Basketball League, the ABA, and the Continental Basketball League.

The Gwizzlies play their home games at the Memorial Park Basketball Gym.


  • Owner(s) - Embry, Alvin, and Bennie Malone
  • Head Coach(es) - Embry Malone
  • Assistant Coach(es) - None



The Georgia Gwizzlies originally played in the American National Basketball League for two years (2004-2006), then came to the ABA for two years (2007-2009), and then moved to the Continental Basketball League for the 2009-2010 season. After being kicked-out of the league for not meeting league requirements and missing road games, they returned to the ABA and have stayed there since.

In the 2008 off-season, the Gwizzlies offered tryouts for women, the first time an ABA team did so.

Season-by-Season RecordEdit


In their first season in the ABA after moving from the ANBL, the Georgia Gwizzlies played in the South Division of the ABA.

The season was a disaster, as the team went 1-9, dead last in their division, and missed the playoffs.


In their second season in the ABA, the Gwizzlies moved to the Southeast Division, and fared even worse, as they finished dead-last with a 0-9 record and missed the playoffs.

The Gwizzlies left the league after the season to join the Continental Basketball League.


In the 2010-2011 off-season, the Gwizzlies were kicked-out of the CBL for not meeting league requirements (specifically, their gym had a hardwood floor, a violation of CBL rules).

In their first season back in the ABA (and their third overall) the Gwizzlies were moved to the Mid-Atlantic Divion.

The Gwizzlies did not play many contests, and finished dead last in the division three straight times, 0-3, and missed the playoffs.


In their fourth season in the ABA, the Gwizzlies were moved the Atlantic South Division, and actually won one of their four games, finishing 1-3, seventh in the division (out of nine teams), and missed the playoffs.


In their fifth season in the ABA, the Gwizzlies experienced their beat season, finishing 5-7, good enough for sixth in the Atlantic South division, but missed the playoffs.


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