The Kitsap Admirals are a professional basketball team in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the American Basketball Association (ABA) as well as a branding team in the International Basketball League (IBL). Based inBremerton, Washington, they were founded in 2012. Home games are played at Olympic High School in Bremerton.

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Team[edit] Edit

The team is made up of mostly local players and staff members. Multiple players on the roster are from Olympic College (former venue for home games). The staff page on the team's website features a short biography of all eight members.

Roster[edit] Edit

Number Name Position Height Education 1 Dontay Harris Center 6'9" Drake University
7 Jameel Shareef Guard 6'1"
22 Ulysses Williams IV Guard 5'9" Bremerton High School
13 Michael Wyche Forward 6'5" Jefferson Davis CC
0 Ben Wilson Guard 6'6" Evergreen State College
14 Andre Thompson Guard 6'4" William Penn University
23 Tysaiah Curry Forward/Guard 6'3" Olympic College
25 James Loe Guard 5'10" Louisiana Tech University
12 Justin Chapel Forward/Guard 6'2" Simpson College
5 Mauricio Modestin Guard 5'10" Olympic College
24 Ricky King Center 6'8" Olympic College
32 Bruce Cooper Center 6'8" Southern Connecticut
9 Corey Sweet Forward/Guard 6'4" Olympic College

Staff[edit] Edit

Ashley Robinson - Owner

Erica Robinson - Owner

Doctor Sean Joseph - Team Doctor

Kurt DeVoe - Photographer

History[edit] Edit

ABA Expansion[edit] Edit

On December 19, 2011, the Kitsap Sun announced that the city of Bremerton had landed an ABA franchise. Originally, the Admirals intended to make the Kitsap Sun Pavilion their home venue.[1] However, the building did not meet the arena requirements of the league (regulation hardwood court floor). Unable renovate the arena, the Kitsap Admirals made the Bremer Student Center their home. The first game was played there on November 3, 2012 against the Seattle Mountaineers.

2012-2013 ABA Season[edit] Edit

The Inaugural Game[edit] Edit

The Admirals made their ABA debut on November 3, 2012 at the Bremer Student Center against the Seattle Mountaineers. The first basket in team history was athree pointer by guard Ben Wilson.[2] The Admirals lost to Seattle 97-89.

The local media also reported that the game day operations went poorly during the inaugural game:

"The scoreboard clock and shot clock were often wrong, the score was debated several times, and conferences by the referees to straighten things out happened too often." -Terry Mosher, Kitsap Sun

The Admirals usual public address announcer was not present the night of the game do to previous commitments. Head coach, Chris Koebelin, told the Kitsap Sun after the game that the team would fix all administration issues before their next home game. Koebelin also stated that they would work on finding help at the scorer's table.

First Win[edit] Edit

Their second game was on Veterans Day 2012. Here, the Kitsap Admirals recorded their first ABA victory against the Lakewood Panthers at Pierce College.[3]

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