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The Louisville Basketball League serves as the American Basketball Association's development league. The LBL was created in the 2007-2008 season as part of the ABA's attempt to bring back basketball to the city of Louisville after the revamped Kentucky Colonels moved out of Louisville.

It has been touted as "The first and only farm system for the ABA".


The Louisville Basketball League was created in the 2007-2008 season as the ABA's development league. 

LBL CEO Cliff Todd said of the league,

"The basic idea behind the league will remain the same . . .but there will be a number of changes and improvements. Number one is to change it from simply playing basketball games to being a training and professional development league. It will be a viable league for those who use it . . . There is not another league like this in existance . . .and we intend on the LBL being an exciting, viable entity."

ABA CEO Joe Newman said of the league,

"This is just another great way to bring the ABA into the lives of those in our communities.  The LBL will provide fans with an opportunity to see excellent basketball at affordable prices (key to the ABA), and it will give many more players a chance to live their dreams to play and will provide the ABA with a great resource of players.  We are very pleased that Chuck was able to put this together and it is very fitting that our first farm league is located in a city with so much ABA heritage."


Players of the LBL are given the oppertunity to play for the ABA's only two LBL affiliates, the Kentucky Travelers and the Louisville Crusaders, who own and operate the league.


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