The San Francisco Rumble are a professional basketball team that plays in the American Basketball Association. The Rumble were created in the 2007-2008 season. The Rumble are based in San Francisco, California and play their home games at the Kezar Pavilion.

The franchise plays in the California/Northwest Division of the ABA and have won one division title in their six-year history.


  • Owner(s) - Damone Hale
  • Head Coach(es) - Fulton Mitchell
  • Assistant Coach(es) - None



The San Francisco Rumble were created in the 2007-2008 season after a local attorney bought the rights from the ABA to establish a franchise in San Francisco. Since then, the Rumble have made on again/off again appearances in the playoffs and are one of the league's better teams.

The Rumble are the city's second ABA franchise - it's first, the San Francisco Pilots, folded in the 2006-2007 season, and also played at the Kezar Pavilion.

Season-by-Season RecordEdit


In it's first season, the Rumble played in the Northwest Division of the Red Conference of the ABA.

They faired better than most, if not all, of the other teams, as they went 7-10, second in their division, en route to their first playoff appearance.

In the first round (a quarterfinal round) of the ABA playoffs, the Rumble defeated the Long Beach Breakers 129-115 to advance to the semi-final round (the second round).

They were eliminated by the Vermont Frost Heaves (who received a bye to the semifinal round and later won the ABA championship), 118-93.


In their second season in the ABA, the Rumble improved from last year, as they went 7-7 - however, they finished fourth in their division.

As such, they missed the playoffs.


In the 2009-2010 season, the ABA abandoned the conference structure, but kept teams in their respective divisions.

The Rumble, out of nowhere, exploded on the court, finishing with a franchise-best 22-8, and won their first - and only - division title, plus another trip to the playoffs.

The Rumble began the postseason with a win over the Sacramento Heatwave in the quarterfinal round of the ABA playoffs. Despite their massive success in the league, the Los Angeles Slam defeated them in the semifinal round of the playoffs, ending their terrific season.


In the Rumble's fourth full season, they were moved to the NoCal (North California) Division of the ABA.

The Rumble went 5-3, which, despite being a winning season, landed them dead-last in their division.

Unsurpisingly, they missed the playoffs.


In the Rumble's fifth full season, they were moved to the Pacific North Division of the ABA by the league.

The Rumble then suprised local fans by amassing an impressive 18-4 record.

In another disappointing upset, the Rumble were beaten in the playoffs.


In the Rumble's sixth full season, the team was moved to the California/Northwest Division.

During the season, the Rumble found themselves in a fierce fight for the division title with the Bay Area Matrix.

In a suprising fashion, the Rumble were upset for the title, with the Matrix's 8-4 record besting the Rumble's 9-4 record. The Rumble, however, were the only team from the division to earn a trip to the playoffs.

In the post-season, however, the Rumble received a bye to the second round. Then, they dominated on the floor - winning their first playoff round in two years, defeating the Arizona Scorpions, 121-112. Then, in the third round, the Rumbled made team history by winning back-to-back playoff rounds, defeating the San Diego Surf to earn a trip to the ABA Great Eight - the farthest in the postseason the Rumble had ever gotten in their six-year history.

Their incredible run was intensified when they met the mighty Colorado Kings in the Great Eight tourney. With a trip to the ABA Final Four on the line, the Rumble held on to the game until the final minutes, when the Kings won the game - and the round - with a decisive victory, which ended the Rumble's greatest season in team history.


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