The Women's American Basketball Association is the female professional basketball league, and the sister league, of the American Basketball Association that will be launched in the 2014-2015 season. The WABA was previously launched during the 2011-2012 season, but it was re-launched to March 2014.

Sonya Nichols serves as the league's CEO, Al Smith will serve as the COO, and Loretta Adams will serve as the league's president.

The WABA's motto is "All in. All Game. All Season."

WABA games will be broadcasted by the Urban Broadcasting Company (which also broadcasts ABA games) and is currently working towards a deal with another television station.

Previous IncarnationsEdit

Various other leagues have donned the name of WABA beforehand. These include:

  • The Women's American Basketball Association, which was a women's professional basketball league that operated from 1984-1985 before disbanding; it featured such stars as Nancy Lieberman, Molly Bolin, Pamela McGee, and Paula McGee.
  • The Women's Basketball Association, which only briefly went by the name WABA before taking on the moniker of the WBA. It operated from 1992-1995 before disbanding and was considered a successful summer league. It featured star player Laurie Bird.
  • The third and last Women's American Basketball Association to date played a single season from 2001-2002 before disbanding.


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